Ovens, Cooktops, Microwaves and Rangehoods

  • Installed Safely by Qualified Gas Fitter and Electrical Tradesmen
  • Safety Checked and Ready to Use
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Recycling Service
  • Qasair approved installers, we can provide a free on site consultation and quote
  • We are familiar with all types of rangehoods from roof-mounted island rangehoods to space-saving retractable rangehoods


There’s nothing like taking home a new purchase and enjoying the benefits of it. All very well if its a new mobile phone, television or games console – cooking products are very different. You’ll likely need a little help in getting them from the box to ready to use – that’s where we come in.

It makes no difference if you have a gas cooktop or electric oven or both, our team of qualified installers can install it. Providing a fast next day service we can very quickly get you cooking on your new appliance.

If you want to go from gas to induction, electric to multi fuel, gas to electric we have the skills to make it happen. Within reason we can install most appliances in most kitchens. Replacing like for like or the more tricky installations we will be prepared.

And if it doesn’t quite fit we have our stainless steel solution, we literally frame appliances with marine grade stainless steel surrounds providing a life long finish matching your appliance. We also powder coat if a colour is required.


We love installing range hoods. They are such an important part of any kitchen – removing cooking odours, grease and smoke (if your get careless!). The right range hood will keep help keep your kitchen clean and grease free.

We have years of experience installing Qasair, Schweigen, Sirius to name a few but with range hoods its rarely a straight forward installation. Ducting can be tricky at times especially if using a solid ducting system like Qasair or Sirius.

Our experience in this field is second to none, and we will help you with your decision making by providing a site inspection service to give the best advice helping you make that final decision.

Even if your are only replacing a simple range hood it can be quite tricky but our cabinet makers are very good at adjusting cupboards to accommodate and ensure that range hoods are installed at a legal height.

Slide out, fixed, integrated, wall mounted canopy, island, ceiling cassette, downdraft we have the experience required to ensure your installation is completed with little fuss.


Freestanding Electric Cooker $255.00
Built in electric 1.5 / double oven / 90cm $315.00
Built In Electric Ovens $285.00
Elevated Electric Ovens $305.00
Freestanding Gas Cooker $335.00
Built In Gas Ovens $335.00
Elevated Gas Ovens $335.00
Standard Electric Cooktops $285.00
Ceramic Electric Cooktops $285.00
Induction Electric Cooktops $285.00
Gas Cooktops $335.00
LPG conversion (per appliance) $100.00
Freestanding Multi Fuel (up to 900mm) $550.00
Freestanding Multifuel above 900mm $ POA
Electric Oven and Cooktop $520.00
Gas Oven and Cooktop $530.00
Microwave and Trim Kit (standard install) $285.00
Convection Combination Microwave $310.00
Canopy range hood (hang only) $475.00
Retractable range hood $260.00
Fixed range hood (hang only) $175.00
Slide out range hood with cabinet work (minor cabinet work) $375.00
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